Iconic Pop Culture: The Fab Four, The Queen of Soul & Coca-Cola

Nearly 50 years ago, the Beatles changed society forever. They not only shaped rock & roll music but also an entire generation. Young people from allover the world mimicked all that they did, including clothing, haircuts and outlook. Their style and innovative music set the standard for all musicians to follow. To date, the Beatles remain the best-selling musical group of all time. It’s been estimated that their total record sales total over one billion.

Here you can see an illustration of the Fab Four from Liverpool, tasting a sip of success & Coca-Cola during their first US-tour. The Beatles arrived in NYC, February 8, 1964 for three appearances in the Ed Sullivan Show. These concerts were the most watched television programs ever (70 million viewers) until recently. Boosted by the charisma and personal charm of John, Paul, George & Ringo, the Beatlemania reached unbelievable proportions and the hit records kept coming until the band officially dissolved in 1970.
The Beatles’ impact on youth culture & pop music can’t be overstated.

With the recent chart success of Duffy, Amy Winehouse, Leona Lewis & Joss Stone, thoughts turn to the women of soul. If one singer deserves the title “Queen of Soul”, it must be sister Aretha Franklin. Rooted in a gospel tradition that was to inform her soul-charged sound, Aretha’s impact on pop music was profound. Hits as ‘Respect’, ‘Chain of Fools’, ‘I Say A Little Prayer’ and ‘Think’ made her a worldwide star. Not many artists have consistently made such brilliant music over more than 4 decades. “Soul to me is a feeling,” Aretha Franklin once told an interviewer. “It’s all about the emotion, the way it affects people.”

Soul diva Aretha Franklin was also the voice of a Coke radio commercial in 1967. A year later, she appeared in this Coca-Cola magazine ad: “Aretha comes on for Coca-Cola”.