Ninocka’s Coke Side of Life

Ninocka is the alter ego of Nina Ostensen-Hocevar, a self taught digital graphic designer and illustrator living and working in London/Stockholm. At the moment, Nina is working on setting up her own graphic design studio. You can see more of her work and projects on the Ninocka website:

“I used the eye from my logo to create a bizarre version of the “traditional” Coke Side of Life ads”.

“I hand drew the flowers and traced them in Illustrator before playing with them in Photoshop”.

Stefan Chinof – Typography in Action

Even though Bulgarian artist Stefan Chinof likes all kinds of illustration and techniques, he developed his typical style with typographical sketches.
There’s a refreshing side to Chinof’s experimental way of communicating. His handdrawn illustrations are a mix of bold colors, playful swirls and curls & small yet powerful statements: “Everything to Gain/Nothing to Lose/It’s a Good Day/For Shining Your Shoes/For Singing a Song/How Can Anything Be Wrong?”

Coke Side of DIY Art

It’s always great to discover spontaneous DIY versions of Coca-Cola artworks, often created using analogue techniques: pencil, Indian ink, charcoal, watercolour, gouache, …

Tribute to “Coke Side of Thailand” by Saiyukiii

Tribute to Adhemas’ “Coke Side of Life” artwork by Spring Rayne. “I had to create a pop art image for my art class & I love Coca-Cola…”