Be Really Refreshed

“Here’s the way to feel refreshed” was a slogan that caught the eye from magazine readers in the 1940s. “Your thirst takes wings when you treat it with to an ice-cold Coca-Cola”. Even the busiest man in the world comes up smiling after ‘the pause that refreshes’.

From the earliest days, ‘Coca-Cola’ has a very simple purpose, and that is to offer people of the world a moment out of the day to relax, to enjoy and to be refreshed.

The feeling when you drink an ice-cold ‘Coke’ from that traditional curvy glass bottle on a steamy hot day is one of those things you never forget or fail to appreciate. Your whole body relaxes as that caramel-like sweetness hits your tongue and is followed by that wonderfully pleasant burn as it hits the back of your throat and is finally welcomed by your stomach as it quenches your thirst. That, my friends, is refreshment!

Here you can see some amazing images from those early days…

Summer Day

It’s a beautiful summer day. An incredible blue sky, the sun is shining. Like Bob Marley sang: “The weather is sweet, yeah, make you wanna move your dancing feet”. Celebrate! Dance on a table, play frisbee, make ice cream, eat watermelon, drink an ice-cold ‘Coca-Cola’, run through a sprinkler, walk through the grass barefoot, blow a dandelion, smile at a stranger, twirl until you’re dizzy, catch a firefly, splash in a creek…
Enjoy this most glorious of seasons. Hmmmm!

Action Girl

Check out this amazing ‘Coca-Cola’ cardboard from 1923 showing a ‘water ski’ girl avant la lettre. This sport was a little-known activity in those days, and the material was still very primitive. The water ski racers just rigged a clothesline up to a boat, and enjoyed the refreshing ride.

Here you can see the ‘Coke Side of Life’ Remix versions by Caos CC & RockAndRoll Agency. Life can be beautiful…