The Beautiful Game

We all speak football. Not only it’s the world’s favorite spectator sport but it’s also played by millions of people of all ages, skill levels and genders all over the world. Football’s universality is its simplicity, the fact that the game can be played anywhere with anything. Urban children kick the can on concrete and rural kids kick a rag wrapped around a rag wrapped around a rag, barefoot, on dirt.
Next summer, Euro 2008 will take place in Austria and Switzerland. As the qualifying matches are going into a final stage, we will soon know the 16 teams that will join the host countries.
To quote the book “Soccer and Its Rules”: “Are you ready? Ready to cheer the players to victory, marvel at their fitness, speed, and skills, urging them to win every tackle for the ball, ready to explode at a powerful shot? Ready for the excitement of flying wingers, overlapping backs, curling corners, slick one-two passing and goals scored with panache? Ready for another moment in a fantasy world?”
“Yes! We are ready!! And so are Pixecute and Creative XL who remixed some vintage ‘Coca-Cola’ football ads. A true tribute to the sport that unites us all…

Vintage Coca-Cola Football Ads

‘Coca-Cola’ Remix by Creative XL

‘Coca-Cola’ Remix by Pixecute

Ten Pin Magic

Ancient Egyptians began bowling in about 5200 B.C. German and British people also enjoyed the game, but it was the Dutch settlers who brought their version of “Dutch pins” to America in the 16th century. They played their games in the middle of Manhattan, which is still sometimes referred to as the “Bowling Green.” Originally a nine-pin game, bowling in New York attracted some shady characters and was eventually outlawed; in order to get around the gambling laws that prohibited it, alley owners simply added another pin. And the rest is history.

Lumbered with the Fred Flintstone image for years, tenpin bowling has recently found a retro-cool status among the young and the fashionable.
If you travel to Atlanta, hometown of ‘Coca-Cola’, you should check out the new Ten Pin Alley in Atlantic Station. The place is owned by cool cats Ashton Kutcher and Wilmer Valderrama, servers wear vintage-inspired bowling shirts and the dj plays very groovy tunes. So ‘pick a cherry’ and ‘hammer the pocket’. Fabulous atmosphere and a guaranteed good time!

For all the bowlin’ lovers out there: here you can see an original ‘Coca-Cola’ poster from the forties plus the Remix version. Enjoy!

Action Girl

Check out this amazing ‘Coca-Cola’ cardboard from 1923 showing a ‘water ski’ girl avant la lettre. This sport was a little-known activity in those days, and the material was still very primitive. The water ski racers just rigged a clothesline up to a boat, and enjoyed the refreshing ride.

Here you can see the ‘Coke Side of Life’ Remix versions by Caos CC & RockAndRoll Agency. Life can be beautiful…