Delicious & Refreshing

In this video, you can see a compilation of the early Coca-Cola artworks – always delicious & refreshing!

For over 120 years Coca-Cola has made it’s impression on the advertising profession. As a true pioneer, Coke has continued to stay a step above normal advertising, and has always seemed to be able to `key its advertising to the mood of society’.

The first marketing effort was made in 1892, with a budget around $11,000, which was a great amount to be spent on advertising in that age. With that money, Coca-Cola hired sales men to travel around the country to promote the product for Soda Fountain owners to buy. In order to do this, Coca-Cola offered the fountain owners free merchandise such as decorative clocks, porcelain fountain urns, prescription scales, prescription cabinets, and showcases, all of which displayed the Coca-Cola name. They also handed out sample coupons so that people could try Coca-Cola for free.
Some years later the Coca-Cola advertising budget reached $500,000. In 1909, Coca-Cola was considered the best advertised article of the year.

Source: AmeriCola (Susie Derkins)

An Iconic Brand

Somewhere along a road, a billboard bears the image of a silhouetted bottle on its side with the caption: “Quick. Name a soft drink.” The image reveals the iconic nature of the soft drink that fills the famous contoured bottle. The answer is unmistakably ‘Coca-Cola’!

In a special issue of Beverage World magazine, commemorating Coke’s 100th anniversary, the author described ‘Coca-Cola’ as “a product born of a solid idea, nurtured with creative thinking and bold decision-making.”
From the very beginning ‘Coca-Cola’ advertisements consisted of slice-of-life images showing the most diverse kind of people enjoying ‘their Coke’.

Different ‘Coca-Cola’ ads starring everyday people…

The ‘Coca-Cola’ Remix by Pixecute