Coca-Cola Art Gallery Wallpapers: Music & Nightlife Themes

Give your desktop an all new Coke Art look! If you are getting bored with your current wallpaper, we’ve got some cool & exclusive Coca-Cola artworks to spice up your desktop. The Coca-Cola Art Gallery contains 12 specially designed free wallpapers by various famous artists and graphic designers.
You can download this collection of high quality Coca-Cola Music & Nightlife wallpapers by clicking on the link under the artwork. The Coke Art wallpapers come in a range of popular formats, featuring 600×800, 1024×768 and 1280×960 resolutions. If you want the wallpaper in standard 1024×768 format, you can also drag and drop the image to your desktop.

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This zip contains both versions of the Coca-Cola Art wallpapers:

The zip contains the 2 versions of the Coke Art Gallery wallpapers:

You can download more creative, beautiful & exclusive Coca-Cola Music & Summer Festival wallpapers here.

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“Coca-Cola” ®, “Coke” ®, the “Dynamic Ribbon Device” ® and the design of the “Coca-Cola Contour Bottle” ® are registered trademarks of The Coca-Cola Company. © The Coca-Cola Company, 2008 – All rights reserved. Graphic Design by RockAndRoll Agency © 2005-2008.

Coca-Cola Soundwave, the Ultimate Music Festival Journey

The love affair between Coca-Cola and music started 50 years ago, and since that day music has become an integral part of Coca-Cola’s DNA. Today, Coca-Cola is the sponsor of many music festivals worldwide.

In 2005, Coca-Cola launched Soundwave, an international program that celebrates music, travel and the thrill of new experiences. At the heart of Coca-Cola Soundwave was the spectacular Coca-Cola SoundWave Express, transporting hundreds of Coke prize winners to one of 7 music festivals and giving them the time of their lives. For these lucky ones, Coca-Cola opened the door to the magic world of some of Europe’s best festivals and mapped the route for the ultimate music festival journey.

Here you can see photos and original artworks of the Coca-Cola Soundwave Express. The festival train was specially designed to bring young people together from all-over Europe to share in the exciting discovery of new music.

The Coca-Cola train was made up of nine different entertainment and passenger carriages, including the Live Music Carriage (for lovers of a good rock&roll concert), the Dance Club carriage (a real club experience, complete with DJ booth, dance area and lighting effects), the Rhythm Lounge (for people looking to exercise their own musical talents, complete with bongo drums and other instruments) and the Chill Out Carriage, offering laid back beats and grooves, and a mellow mood.

If Bob Marley was still alive today, he would have loved to play on Chiemsee Reggae Summer, one of the biggest and best reggae festivals in Europe. The festival is located at the Chiemsee lake and offers 3 days of live reggae and top sound systems. The only think that was a bit missing for the last editions was the sun, so the organisers decided to move the festival to August. Hopefully the sun will shine in Bavaria like it does in Jamaica!

15 years ago some Dutch friends decided to organize a small party festival, full of dance, love and happiness. Their “Dance Valley” festival, situated in Spaarnwoude (near Amsterdam) quickly became known as “the Woodstock of Dance”. Dance Valley is known for its open-mindness and programs each year the biggest names and upcoming talents of dance, trance, techno and experimental electronic music. Website:

Eurockeennes de Belfort is one of the longest running festivals in France (since 1989) but always presents a fresh line up of cutting edge artists. Thanks to the Eurockeennes commitment to musical diversity, festival-goers have a great opportunity to discover new sounds and musical genres. Website:

Festival Internacional de Benicàssim, known among festival lovers as simply FIB, is a week long whirlwind centered around rock, pop, world music and electronica music that creates a level of excitement that you will never forget. Situated between the hills on the Costa Azahar and Benicàssim beach, FIB’s multiple stages play host to over 130 artists. Besides music, FIB offers also short films, fashion, art, dance & theatre. Website:

In just 5 short years, Rock ‘n Coke, has succeeded in becoming one of the Europe’s most-anticipated music festivals. Turkey’s biggest open-air music festival has gained a sterling reputation for presenting an eclectic selection of the biggest names in rock, pop and alternative music. Rock ‘n Coke did not take place in 2008, but the organizers already promised to come up with a smashing edition in 2009. Website:


* Coca-Cola SoundWave – Stockholm, Sweden. Headliner: Avril Lavigne.
* Eurockéennes – Belfort, France. Headliners: Chemical Brothers, Kraftwerk, Royksopp, Nine Inch Nails, Sonic Youth, Queens of Stone Age and Garbage.
* Dance Valley – near Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Headliners: Deep Dish, Paul van Dyk, Seb Fontaine, Carl Cox, Sasha, Nick Warren, Deep Dish, Paul van Dyk and Seb Fontaine.
* Festival Internacional de Benicàssim (FIB) – near Valencia, Spain. Headliners: Oasis, Milo, Keane, Underworld, Basement Jaxx, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and Kasabian.
* Chiemsee Reggae Summer – Chiemsee, Germany. Headliners: Jimmy Cliff, the I- Three featuring Rita Marley, Afrika Bambaataa.
* Coke Soundwave Mykonos – Mykonos, Greece. Headliner: Anna Vissi.
* Rock’n Coke – near Istanbul, Turkey. Headliners: The Cure, Offspring and Korn.

For the Coca-Cola Soundwave project, RockAndRoll Agency designed and vectorized over 400 artworks (train graphics, packaging and POS), over 2700 sqm in total!
Brand manager Coca-Cola: Umut Özaydinli, Global Music Marketing Manager.

Exclusive Coca-Cola Music Wallpapers

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Design of the Coca-Cola Music artworks by RockAndRoll Agency (2004-2006). Creative Director: Wouter De Coster. Managing Director: Jean-Philippe Noterman.
Brand team Coca-Cola: Umut Özaydinli, Global Music Marketing Manager / Nastia Orkina, EU Marketing Manager / Lee Anne Hilsabeck, Design Director Creative Excellence.

These free Coca-Cola music wallpapers (all illustrations, artworks, graphic designs, images, pictures and photos) are for personal use only. They may not be redistributed, offered for sale, included on CDs, or used for printed material.

“Coca-Cola” ®, “Coke” ®, the “Dynamic Ribbon Device” ® and the design of the “Coca-Cola Contour Bottle” ® are registered trademarks of The Coca-Cola Company. © The Coca-Cola Company, 2008 – All rights reserved.

Coca-Cola Retro Pop Art Calendar

Coca-Cola calendars go a long way back. The first one was produced in 1891, featuring an attractive young woman wearing a fashionable dress and holding a tennis raquet. Over the years, Coca-Cola would introduce hundreds of “Coca-Cola Girls”, holding the most different objects such as skis, ice skates, a pen, fan or umbrella and of course a glass or bottle of their favorite soda drink.

From the 1900’s, Coca-Cola also sometimes turned from pretty but anonymous girls to show biz stars. Lillian Norica, a Metropolitan Opera star, was featured on calendars starting in 1904. Another early favorite was legendary actress Hilda Clark.
By the 1920’s the Coca-Cola calendar girls were posing at activities, which included baseball games and various social events.
In the 1930’s, Coca-Cola took a somewhat higher road by calling upon leading artists of the time to contribute illustrations for their calendars. Norman Rockwell illustrated Huckleberry Finn in 1932 and used similar subjects for the company’s calendars during that decade. Other famous illustrators for Coca-Cola during the 1930’s included Frederic Stanley, N.C. Wyeth and Bradshaw Crandall.

In the 1940’s, Coke invented Sprite Boy, a funny character wearing a bottle cap on his head and the era of beautiful Coca-Cola ladies continued, together with other subjects like Santa theme, which prooved to be an instant success. Coke added “zest” to their advertising slogans in the 1950’s, and also made available the visually charming illustrations as “home calendars”.

The art on the calendars is so strong and compelling that it is often used on other Coca-Cola advertising. Coca-Cola calendars are both appealing and striking in design. “Calendars are certainly the most beautiful of all Coca-Cola collectibles,” says Coke historian, collector and writer Allen Petretti. “Because of the beautiful artwork and colors, and the rarity of many, Coke calendars have become the most important pieces in my collection.”

This Retro Pop Art Calendar designed by RockAndRoll Agency features “visual samples” from the iconic Coca-Cola calendars of the 1910s – ’50s. It’s a true tribute to the delightful Coca-Cola vintage illustrations, capturing the essence of having good, old fashioned fun.

Concept & Realization Coca-Cola Iconic Calendar: RockAndRoll Agency.
Project Team Coca-Cola: Muriel Soupart, Arnaud Tasiaux.
Special Thanks to the Coca-Cola Collections Development/Archives Dept, Atlanta.
Sources: Coca-Cola Conversations, Colector’s Blog
Classic Coca-Cola Calendars by Allen Petretti.

Coke Collectibles: Iconic Coca-Cola Cans (Belgium)

Limited edition of commemorative Coca-Cola cans, inspired by the 1940’s to the 1960’s.
Design by RockAndRoll Agency. Project Team Coca-Cola: Muriel Soupart, Arnaud Tasiaux.

Remix Art Gallery

For the Coke Side of Life Remix Art Gallery, RockAndRoll Agency creatively managed 15 artists/agencies/collectives from around the world: Idokungfoo, Japan // Vault49, USA // Caos CC, Spain // Adhemas, Brazil // 013a, Romania // Creative XL, India // Extraverage, Hungary // Buro Destruct, Swiss // Mienandi, Senegal // The Designers Republic, UK // Rex (South Africa) // Todd Alan Breland (USA) // Spinbalon, Venezuela // Pixecute, Indonesia // Armchair & Josh Boston, USA // Fung Wee Lim, Canada.
Here you can see their artworks exposed on the SouthBank, London, UK.

The work of the Remix artists reflects various styles, personalities and cultures and the project shows how vibrantly creative the collaboration of a design network can be.
The diverse backgrounds of the contributing artists have resulted in a multifaceted world of imagery that draws its freshness from the mixture of approaches. Their mission is to spread an optimistic look at the world and help people realize how contagious happiness is. By combining iconic Coca-Cola images with up-to-date illustration techniques and styles, the artists have given rise to a progressive style of visual expression.

Designed within the “Coke Side of Life” concept and format, the Remix artworks are colorful explosions of positive thinking.
The experimental, playful and humorous collages of historical Coca-Cola milestone images are a true tribute to the brands unique and undying creative spirit.

Photography by RWDave, Russell+, Slimmer_Jimmer, Simpson_eh, Bergs Eye View, Hallywoods, Owizard (Flickr). All Rights Reserved.


RockAndRoll Agency is a full-cycle communication agency offering marketing services, strategic development and art direction. RockAndRoll Agency was founded in 2003 by Jean-Philippe Noterman and Wouter De Coster. Jean-Philippe studied philosophy/anthropology, Wouter has a background as fashion designer. Before starting RockAndRoll Agency, they worked already together for 5 years in the publishing and communication business.

RockAndRoll Agency has worked for clients as various as The Coca-Cola Group, Nokia, Levi’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Schott NY, Motorola, Hugo Boss Fragrances…
RockAndRoll Agency is dedicated to the production of visual identity design, graphic animation and websites. As art buyers and curators, RRA is always looking for artists with strong ideas and an individual voice.

Caos CC


Caos CC for Belio Magazine

Illustrators, designers, stylists, painters, creators of artefacts, web artists, photographers, … Caos Comunicacion Creativa, based in Barcelona, is the studio that links the most diverse talents. Founders Christian Borau and Maria Duran got their start in the graphic world in the late nineties. Being art directors for famous clubs as Palm Beach, Cube and Zoom, fashion labels Chupa Chups, Anata Sesa, Caliu and Group, they got their Caos flyers, posters and fashion prints posted everywhere.
With their online community project Urban Freezone, Caos wants to create a bridge between urban artists from all-over the world. The Freezone project and other Caos initiatives arise from a desire to approach, update and expand today’s visual languages: “We want to be on the cutting-edge of the latest trends in style and appearance, if possible offering innovative solutions and using new graphic styles, without losing sight of our principal objective, which is that the message should be clear and accessible.”

Caos CC for Zoom Club


Caos Creative Communication was founded in 2002 by Christian Borau and Maria Duran. We are working with a wild & wide bunch of friends and collaborators on graphic, web and art projects for our own clients and some agencies.
The name fits our way of working very well: it’s all about accumulation and composition. We also like the theory that chaos is not really a disorder, it’s just a more complex and spontaneous order.

Sometimes a painter or illustrator. And at other times a musician or actor. The most important was that is was something artistic…

Already from the time I was a child, I love all kind of creative expressions, and especially music and drawing. Of course it helped that I had artistic minded parents. My father was a musician, and my mother sent me to an Anthroposophy school in Germany where I got a good primal art education. Later I studied comic style drawing in the Joso School of Barcelona. Two years later I started graphic design studies at the same school.
I made a Master of Multimedia and worked in printing, as a graphic designer and later as an Art Director at Miquel Roig Associates, a small studio with big clients. I left to become a freelancer, and later I created Caos together with Maria.

Caos CC for Relevant Magazine

Caos CC for Tibetan Toybox

Sketching a lot, the music I like, good art magazines, the work of other artists, …

To be creative all as long as I live!

The best part is definitely the freewheeling part. I like to expand one graphic identity to different supports. It’s like when a painter makes a series of paintings with the same style or concept.

The central image of the kiss is actually a self portrait. The artwork was vectorized from a photo of me and my wife Maria Duran (the other part of Caos). We’re both great music lovers, and for us this poster is very special!

‘Coca-Cola’ Remix – “Music Is Love” by Caos CC

I like to listen to a lot of different styles of music; it’s the only way to have a total music experience. I´m a huge fan of Prince and The Cure. When I struggle with a new design, that’s the kind of music I put on. But I also like the unique and very special statements of Miles Davis, Fela Kuti, Bauhaus, Bob Marley and Keith Jarret.
I also like to listen to flamenco/fusion artists like El Bicho, Macaco, Ojos de Brujo or Camaron. Or classical music. When I’m in a mood for electronic sounds, I listen to Thom Yorke, Depeche Mode and Amon Tobin or other Ninja Tune artists.

Caos CC for Palm Beach

Definitely Prince! I like his attitude as an artist, and how he deals with the music business and fashion trends. He is always modern, he never limits himself to one style of music, he gives the impression that the music just flows out. I saw him in concert 4 times, and each time was amazing. His magnetism is enormous. Prince makes it possible to experiment a completely improvised jam session in a concert hall packed with thousands of people.

When we got contacted to work on the Remix project, we were really happy because ‘Coca-Cola’ is a very interesting brand to work for. It’s a company with a very rich history in the world of art and advertising and with a very special emphasis in music.
In our posters we used vector elements from other Remix artists, and artists as Creative XL and Pixecute remixed some of our illustrations. It was very cool to exchange material. It was a very interesting experience to work with such a range of great artists, all with a different vision and style.

‘Coca-Cola’ Remix – “Shampoo Girls”
by Caos CC & RockAndRoll Agency

“Coca-Cola’ Remix – “Sisters are doin’ it”
by Caos CC & RockAndRoll Agency

‘Coca-Cola’ Remix – “Summer Day” by Caos CC & RockAndRoll Agency