Coca-Cola Art: Relax with the Pause that Refreshes

Over the years, the Coca-Cola Company has had many slogans in their advertising campaigns, inviting people to take a moment off from their hasty activity: 1924 – “Pause and Refresh Yourself”; 1926 – “Stop at the Red Sign”; 1927 – “Around the Corner from Anywhere. At the Little Red Sign”; 1929 – “The Pause that Refreshes”; 1941 – “A Stop That Belongs On Your Daily Timetable”; 1947 – “Relax With The Pause That Refreshes”…

Today, more than ever, we lead fast paced lives and don’t take a break as often as we should. We continue to work over lunch time to finish a presentation or take some deadline work with us on our weekends or vacation. There’s always something that keeps us going.
But even in these hectic times, we still feel the need to take some quality time off. A pause is the ideal time to spend time with the people you love, to go outside and discover the beauty of nature, hang out with friends, watch the waves at the beach, have an ice-cold Coca-Cola, tell and listen to stories, take a long run in the park, light some incense, go to bed with a nice book or movie, listen to our favorite music, lay down and close our eyes. Enjoy & chill out!

Graphic artist Zoolo Boy came up with this design of a Coca-Cola traffic light. It doesn’t stop traffic, time or deadline stress, but it’s pretty cool. If you like the vector illustration, you can download the Illustrator eps file from the website.

Coca-Cola Happiness Factory: the Commercial, the Movie, the Premiere & Making-Of

“Happiness Factory”, Coca-Cola’s multi-awarded TV spot by Psyop & Wieden+Kennedy tells the wonderful story of the journey of a Coca-Cola bottle through a vending machine. The stunning graphics, brilliant animation and emotional intensity make this “Coke Side of Life” commercial an instant classic.

The storyline shows a young man putting a coin into a Coca-Cola vending machine, which brings us into a world of fantasy behind the machine. We discover a great variety of the most spectacular 3D landscapes and a wondrous mix of cute and strange animated creatures. As the coin rolls down into a waterfall, a squadron of Chinoinks (a cross between a pig and Chinook helicopter) transports an empty bottle to the filling station. For the “Happiness Factory” workers, this is the start sign to exhibit a true labor or love. Everyone does the best they can to fill the bottle with happiness. Once finished, the bottle is kissed goodbye by the Love Puppies (some cute & fluffy white balls), while penguins scientists chill the bottle by shredding a snowman with a wood chopper. Once cooled, the Coca-Cola bottle is sent to the vendo’s exit door accompanied by a marching band, cheerleaders and fireworks.

Psyop’s storyboards and character sketches for the original “Happiness Factory” spot.

The Happiness Factory spot was so successful, that Coca-Cola asked animation experts Psyop to come up with a mini-movie. In the three-and-a-half-minute film the story follows the adventures of a Happiness Factory worker as he discovers that they run out of Coca-Cola. Be prepared for some drama, struggle & overwhelming action.

In a launch usually reserved for blockbuster movies, Coca-Cola rolled out the virtual red carpet for the premiere at the Coke Cinema in Second Life. This glamorous event was attended by hundreds of stars avatars, including Coca-Cola’s Sr. Vice President Marc Mathieu and punky pop star Avril Lavigne.

Wieden+Kennedy, the ad agency behind Coca-Cola’s “Coke Side of Life” capaigns, also created trailers, movie-inspired poster ads, wallpapers & other e-goodies and even this making of / mockumentary, which takes us behind the scenes of the Happiness Factory.