Coke Side of Bangkok

Wonderful Coke Side of Life billboard in Bangkok, created by a Thai artist. In the artwork, you can see a temple and pagoda sparkling in the sun and some Tuk Tuk cars (3-wheeled motorcycles with a covered top and place for passengers). Bangkok, the City of Angels, is also known for its extraordinary museums, shopping centers and the charming street stalls where you can find some cool & crazy stuff.
No wonder the cute little character in the illustration is saying: “Whenever I come to Bangkok, I fall in love with this city”. Bangkok, the Happy City in the Land of Smiles.

Photography & explanation by hiOakie (Thanit Chiraskamin)

“Bangkok on the Coke Side of Life” can. Photography by Peter Christ.

Huge blow-up version of the Coca-Cola bottle, on a Bangkok roof.

Photography by hiOakie

Photography by Ian Fuller
Coca-Cola poster in the streets of Bangkok.

Coke Side of Life poster

Detail of a Thai Coca-Cola can.
Bangkok, the Happy City in the Land of Smiles.