Who’s That Girl?

Is she a Victorian pin-up, a girl next-door, a movie star, a party hostess, a factory worker or a swimsuit beauty? Her demeanor is radiant, vivacious and breezy. She exudes youthful energy and appears picture perfect wherever she goes, dressed up in the latest fashion.

When ‘Coca-Cola’ started in the 1890s portraying these independent women, it was still a uncongenial time for a girl with big ideas. Women were discouraged from thinking beyond household drudgery, and derided if they distinguished themselves. From these early days, ‘Coca-Cola’ has used the girl portraits in unique ways, always running miles ahead of the times. ‘Coca-Cola’ encouraged and inspired women to live their lives to the fullest and share life experiences.

Far away from the proper etiquette, the ‘Coca-Cola’ girl spreads her wings, chooses hobbies of the modern age and makes a lot of fun. She is traveling, sporting, sunbathing, inviting her friends over, flirting…
From the portraits of cheerleaders at the soda fountain to the ones of iconic actresses and women in flight suits: as a symbol of women’s emancipation, it could hardly be bettered.

The Coca-Cola Girls keep inspiring nowadays artists. Here you can see some vintage Coke ads and the Remix versions.

‘Coca-Cola’ Remix version by Fung Wee Lim

‘Coca-Cola’ Remix by Creative XL

‘Coca-Cola’ Remix Creative XL & RockAndRoll Agency

‘The Coke Side Of Life’ Remix

The Coke Side of Life Remix


The ‘Coca-Cola’ Art Gallery is a collection of images that has been designed by leading artists and designers. They have all depicted their own interpretation of ‘The Coke Side of Life’ philosophy.

The work of the artists reflects various styles, personalities and cultures, and all designs have one thing in common: they are colourful explosions of energy, optimism and happiness.

Throughout its 120-year history, advertising and communication has played a vital role in shaping ‘Coca-Cola’ into an iconic, cultural and timeless brand. Over the years, ‘Coca-Cola’ has continually challenged artists and agencies to create innovative refreshing images.

The diverse backgrounds of the contributing artists and designers, has resulted in a range of images that reflect different cultures and societies. By combining the iconic original glass bottle image with up-to-date illustration techniques and styles, the artists have given rise to a progressive style of visual expression.

‘Coca-Cola’ has always had a strong artistic heritage having been famously interpreted by artists such as Haddon Sundblom, Norman Rockwell and Andy Warhol who have all reflected the social and cultural attitudes of the time.

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