Coca-Cola Happiness Factory: the Commercial, the Movie, the Premiere & Making-Of

“Happiness Factory”, Coca-Cola’s multi-awarded TV spot by Psyop & Wieden+Kennedy tells the wonderful story of the journey of a Coca-Cola bottle through a vending machine. The stunning graphics, brilliant animation and emotional intensity make this “Coke Side of Life” commercial an instant classic.

The storyline shows a young man putting a coin into a Coca-Cola vending machine, which brings us into a world of fantasy behind the machine. We discover a great variety of the most spectacular 3D landscapes and a wondrous mix of cute and strange animated creatures. As the coin rolls down into a waterfall, a squadron of Chinoinks (a cross between a pig and Chinook helicopter) transports an empty bottle to the filling station. For the “Happiness Factory” workers, this is the start sign to exhibit a true labor or love. Everyone does the best they can to fill the bottle with happiness. Once finished, the bottle is kissed goodbye by the Love Puppies (some cute & fluffy white balls), while penguins scientists chill the bottle by shredding a snowman with a wood chopper. Once cooled, the Coca-Cola bottle is sent to the vendo’s exit door accompanied by a marching band, cheerleaders and fireworks.

Psyop’s storyboards and character sketches for the original “Happiness Factory” spot.

The Happiness Factory spot was so successful, that Coca-Cola asked animation experts Psyop to come up with a mini-movie. In the three-and-a-half-minute film the story follows the adventures of a Happiness Factory worker as he discovers that they run out of Coca-Cola. Be prepared for some drama, struggle & overwhelming action.

In a launch usually reserved for blockbuster movies, Coca-Cola rolled out the virtual red carpet for the premiere at the Coke Cinema in Second Life. This glamorous event was attended by hundreds of stars avatars, including Coca-Cola’s Sr. Vice President Marc Mathieu and punky pop star Avril Lavigne.

Wieden+Kennedy, the ad agency behind Coca-Cola’s “Coke Side of Life” capaigns, also created trailers, movie-inspired poster ads, wallpapers & other e-goodies and even this making of / mockumentary, which takes us behind the scenes of the Happiness Factory.