96k, The Digital Collage Master

Poster for Coca-Cola China

Liu Zheng aka 96k was born in a Chinese port city. The mix of different foreign cultures deeply influenced his childhood, and soon Liu became fascinated by exotic and traditional arts. In his teens, Liu was also trained to become an excellent professional sprinter, but due to injuries he had to quit and now he focuses all his energy for his art and design.
After graduation from university, Liu Zheng moved to Beijing, where he created 96k™ Creative Boutique, offering graphic design, motion graphics and web design.
96k’s working process is a mix of hand-made and digital. Liu scans images, adds illustrations, effects and typo and merges all elements together to eye-catching collages. His client portfolio include Nike, eBay, SonyEricsson, Motorola and Coca-Cola.

You can explore more of 96k’s fascinating universe on http://www.www.96k.com.cn

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