The Coke Side of Street Life: Urban Coca-Cola Art

“El Lado Coca-Cola de Juandapo” by JGaara

“I play the street life, because there’s no place I can go. Street life, it’s the only life I know. Street life, there’s a thousand cards to play…” Remember this smashing tune by Randy Crawford?
Cities are urban jungles and art in the streets is a wild thing too. Street art and graffiti share the groove of the street and public space: this is where they hit home. The whole city becomes a medium for the street artists’ creativity and authenticity. Done with spraycans, stickers, stencils or markers, street images are often spontaneous, rough and dynamic. Not made for eternity, but to be enjoyed here & now!

“Skate Side of Coke” by Félix Lemieux

“Coke Side of My Life” by SZC

“Venus de Coca-Cola” by Bleys Of Amber.
Spray paint, stencils on paper. Based on the Venus de Milo and a sixpack of Coke.

Stefan Chinof – Typography in Action

Even though Bulgarian artist Stefan Chinof likes all kinds of illustration and techniques, he developed his typical style with typographical sketches.
There’s a refreshing side to Chinof’s experimental way of communicating. His handdrawn illustrations are a mix of bold colors, playful swirls and curls & small yet powerful statements: “Everything to Gain/Nothing to Lose/It’s a Good Day/For Shining Your Shoes/For Singing a Song/How Can Anything Be Wrong?”

Coke Side of DIY Art

It’s always great to discover spontaneous DIY versions of Coca-Cola artworks, often created using analogue techniques: pencil, Indian ink, charcoal, watercolour, gouache, …

Tribute to “Coke Side of Thailand” by Saiyukiii

Tribute to Adhemas’ “Coke Side of Life” artwork by Spring Rayne. “I had to create a pop art image for my art class & I love Coca-Cola…”

Coca-Cola Hungary – 40 Years of Happy Moments Expo

Forty years ago, Coca-Cola came to Hungary. In 1968, Coke was the first American product that made it through the Iron Curtain. To commemorate this occasion, Coca-Cola unfurled a collection of vintage pictures of “Happy Hungarians”.

“The purpose of our life is to be happy” – Dalai Lama

“Happiness in a bottle”

“Love is doing small things with great love” – Mother Teresa

Blow-up of the limited edition Coca-Cola Sziget Festival bottle, designed by the Hungarian artist Slow

Coca-Cola Art Bottles Installation

Coca-Cola Art Bottles Installation

Coca-Cola Art Bottles Installation

Coca-Cola Art Bottles Installation

Coca-Cola’s “Happy Moments” installation is part of the “Happiness Exhibition” by ARC Magazin. There are 62 original Happiness billboards and slogans plus 36 cultural posters; mind blowing work by Hungary’s most creative minds.

In 1846, the Hungarian poet Sándor Petőfi already came to the conclusion that the only happiness which is available to mankind is love: “The heart freezes if it doesn’t love”.
121 years later, John Lennon wrote “All you need is love”, a simple message to be understood by people from all over the globe.

One of the 62 billboards, showing Hungarians raising the flag of joy

This billboard reflects on the “stock market of life”

Things that make us happy (Boldogság is the Hungarian word for happiness)

Another “Happiness” billboard. A recent study shows that a smile motivated by real happiness is likely to inspire others to smile

A side exhibition showing a selection of this years cultural posters

You can visit the ARC Happiness Exhibition and Coca-Cola’s “40 Years of Happy Moments” expo at 56-osok Tere (just next to Heroes Square), Budapest, Hungary from August 28 -September 16, 2008. Entrance is free.

Ramón A. Olivares – The Power of Digital Love

Ramón A. Olivares, a digital image-maker and vector artist from Cádiz (Spain), likes to push his art into new directions, trying out new styles and techniques. Here you can see his personal take on “The Coke Side of Life”.

“Until The End Of Time” by Ramón A. Olivares – RAO Diseño Gráfico

From Johannesburg, With Love

Meals on the Coke Side of Life. All rights reserved.

Dala Botha aka Datsolalee is a South African designer, at this stage working at an advertising & design agency. Growing up in a small town, she was interested in music and art – yet music always was her first priority. After finishing highschool she started studying marketing and business communication, majoring in graphic design.
“This is my 5th year working in the typical agency environment – though I’ve freelanced and taken off time for the music as well but these days I enjoy expressing myself more in my design than my music”.

As you can see, Datsolalee loves to design for Coca-Cola. “At a former agency Coke was one of our clients and we always could go wild with our designs”.

Coke card. All rights reserved.

Artwork for Coca-Cola Bottlers Nigeria. All rights reserved.

Armslikenoodles – Coke Side of Music Poster

“Coke Side of Music” poster by Armslikenoodles

Armslikenoodles is not so secretly Matt Allison, a Bedfordshire/Leicester based designer who tends to draw a lot and make websites. His work is playful, colourful & stylish – creating realistic portrait illustrations, t-shirts, badges & just about anything else you can slap a line, shape or character on.

Graduated from De Montfort Leicester with a shiny degree in Interactive Design, Matt specialises in illustration and installation/web design/graphic design. On his website you can see more yummy things he is doing at the moment:
PS: Matt doesn’t really have arms like noodles.

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