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COKE ART is a blog about Coca-Cola art, brand news, collectibles & information for Coca-Cola lovers & fanatics. “Coke Art” is not only a Coke memorabilia archive, but also a blog about pop culture and the up-to-date art & communication by the biggest brand in the world.

For the Coca-Cola collectors and fans of vintage art, we have a large collection of early Coke advertising material. These retro images are an important slice of Coke history, while up-to-date visuals show how relevant Coca-Cola still is after all these years.

In recent years, Coca-Cola is using its global resources to drive a multi-cultural, multi-media platform in countries all around the world. Their fully integrated campaigns consist of packaging graphics, point of sale materials, radio & television, outdoor advertising, print executions and viral marketing.
On our “Coca-Cola Art” blog, you can find a selection of can and bottle designs, limited editions, POS, billboards, wall paintings, posters and flyers, copywriting, radio, cinema and television commercials, web design, magazines ads, … Enjoy!

For more Coca-Cola artworks and free vector illustrations, visit FreeVector.com

ROCKANDROLL AGENCY is a full-cycle communication agency offering marketing services, strategic development and art direction. RockAndRoll Agency was founded in 2003 by Jean-Philippe Noterman and Wouter De Coster. Jean-Philippe studied philosophy/anthropology, Wouter has a background as fashion designer. Before starting RockAndRoll Agency, they worked already together for 5 years in the publishing and communication business.
RockAndRoll Agency has worked for clients as various as The Coca-Cola Group, Nokia, Levi’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Schott NY, Motorola, Hugo Boss Fragrances…
RockAndRoll Agency is dedicated to the production of visual identity design, graphic animation and websites. As art buyers and curators, RRA is always looking for artists with strong ideas and an individual voice.


RockAndRoll Agency contact: Wouter De Coster – Email: wdc@rockandrollagency.com / Jean-Philippe Noterman – Email: jpn@rockandrollagency.com
Coca-Cola Art blog contact: ultravivid@popandroll.com


All material on this “Coca-Cola Art” Blog (including images, text, names, ideas, concepts and trademarks) is property of their respective owners and is protected by copyright. ‘‘Coca-Cola’’, ‘‘Coke’’, ‘The Coke Side Of Life”, the design of the ‘‘Coca-Cola’’ Contour Bottle and all brand related designs and features are registered trade marks of The ‘Coca-Cola’ Company. All rights reserved. The ‘Coca-Cola Art’ Blog does not have any legal or business connections to The Coca-Cola Company.

If you are the owner of content that is being used on the “Coca-Cola Art” blog without your permission, then you may request the post be immediately removed by sending an email to ultravivid@popandroll.com.

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  1. skinny ties says:

    Great blog. Thanks for the interesting article. Will send others your way.

  2. thomas says:

    does anyone know the artist for the work that is the back drop when the coke executives are being interviewed in the CNBC documentary :The Real Story Behind the Real Thing

  3. shuntunkia gentry says:

    I got an important message and I would like to know more about it please…

  4. Ray Boan says:

    I have a art poster with “NEW COKE” as the centerpiece. It was given to all attendees at the launching of New Coke at Radio City Music Hall on May 5, 1985. Do you know anything about it?

  5. cat k says:

    I have three 10 x 12inch metal advertising illustrations for Coca Cola.They are of farmers boy’victorian lady and 1930s dressed lady all drinking coke.Can u tell me anything about them or tell me if they are worth anything? Thankyou

  6. Tom Conley says:

    Does anyone know the value of a 1985 World Premier Coca-Cola

  7. Nikki Noir Jackson says:

    The art work I have viewed sparked within me, Lighting a fire for more…Bravo x

  8. Rafael Gonçalves says:

    Dude, your blog is amazing, why u stopped your posts? I really want to follow your posts, actually u have another page?

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