Stefan Chinof – Typography in Action

Even though Bulgarian artist Stefan Chinof likes all kinds of illustration and techniques, he developed his typical style with typographical sketches.
There’s a refreshing side to Chinof’s experimental way of communicating. His handdrawn illustrations are a mix of bold colors, playful swirls and curls & small yet powerful statements: “Everything to Gain/Nothing to Lose/It’s a Good Day/For Shining Your Shoes/For Singing a Song/How Can Anything Be Wrong?”


  1. I love these drawings, really cool pics.

  2. Wow… some of these artworks are amazing.

  3. Well thanks it was a nice surprise for me.

  4. I’m doing my component 3 for my A’level Art and Design course. and my theme is typography art. I’m using Stefan Chinof as one of my artist;made a study about his works and imitate one of his paintings as well-as what had been told by Cambridge. the thing is,i was so surprised to see his works cause its kinda same with mine. but i enjoyed doing my typo by using a black marker. I’m looking forward to meet Stefan chinof and to know more about him and his works. =) it was so funny cause this is my last day to submit my folio and i quickly include Stefan as part of my study.anyway,Typo rawkk!!! ;p

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