Live on the Coke Side of Life

A wise man once said that the simple ideas are the cleverest. “The Coke Side of Life” is all about a simple idea, really. Drinking a Coke makes people happy. It tastes good. And it’s an invitation to “live on the positive side of life.” That’s the message behind ‘The Coke Side of Life,’ Coca-Cola’s global campaign that launched in 2006.

Coca-Cola has always been at its best when it reflects the simple, optimistic moments in life. The Coke Side of Life recognises that the most universal experiences are those where Coca-Cola is refreshingly honest and uplifting.

The Coke Side of Life campaign invites people to create their own positive reality, to be spontaneous, listen to their hearts and live in full colour.

Welcome to the Coke side of life. Willkommen auf der Coca-Cola-Seite des Lebens. Bem-vindo ao lado Coca-Cola da vida. Benvenuto sul lato Coca-Cola della vita. Hayat›n Coca Cola taraf›na hoflgeldiniz. Bienvenue côté Coca.

Welcome to this story of positivity. Keep your eyes wide open, so you don’t miss the show. Because it’s all about perspective, the way you look at things. Seeing the glass never half empty but always half full. Hoping for the best, never expecting the worst. See both sides of the story and chose the happy ending.

Live on the Coke side of life. Leb auf der Coca-Cola-Seite des Lebens. Viva no lado Coca-Cola da vida. Prendi il lato Coca-Cola della vita. Hayat›n Coca Cola taraf›nda yafla. Prenez la vie côté Coca.

Pick up your Coca-Cola bottle like a happiness requester. There’s no such thing as a debt for all the smiles you’ve been spending. Pick up the phone when optimism rings, take every no and replace it with a big Yesss!

Walk on the Coke side of life. Geh auf der Coca-Cola-Seite des Lebens. Caminhe pelo lado Coca–Cola da vida. Fai due passi sul lato Coca-Cola della vita. Hayat›n Coca Cola taraf›nda yürü. Avancez côté Coca.

Doo, doo doo, doo doo, doo doo doo… Take a walk on the wildflower side. Look around & enjoy! Recharge your batteries for an effervescent mind. That’s bubbling, about to overflow. Happiness may not come from a bottle but those bubbles seem to act like a feel-good throttle on your mental motorbike, on your way to Zen. For all the kings and queens of the Coke Side, your smile is a crown!

Cokelore – Did You Know?

In 1886, Coca-Cola sold an average of 9 Cokes a day. That first year, Dr. Pemberton sold 25 gallons of syrup, shipped in bright red wooden kegs. Red has been a distinctive color associated with the No. 1 soft drink brand ever since. Thirty years later, in 1916, the company already sold a 6 million Cokes a day. In 1993 Coca-Cola exceeds 10 billion cases sold worldwide.

In the early days there was only 1 flavor offered in 1 city in 1 country, in the world. Today, The Coca-Cola Company bottles more than 500 products around the globe, including classic Coke, Coca-Cola Light, Fanta and Sprite. Coca-Cola products are served more than 705 million times every day, in 195 countries!

Coke owns the second-largest civilian truck fleet in the world, after US Postal Service.

Coca-Cola translated to Chinese means “To make mouth happy”.

In 1915, The Root Glass Company created the first version of the Coca-Cola Contour Bottle. The first version they created was to wide at the center, so it was slimmed to become what we know today as the Coca-Cola Contour Bottle. In 1977 the Coca-Cola Company patented the design of the Contour Bottle.

In 1917 Coca-Cola and the Coca-Cola script became known as the world’s most recognized brand. Today, about every second, 7000 Coca-Cola products are consumed!

In 1931, Haddon Sundblom introduced his version of Santa Claus who quickly became The Coca-Cola Santa we all know today.

Coca-Cola was the first beverage brand to give out coupons for a free item as an advertising technique. In 1927, Coca-Cola was first advertised on the radio. In 1950, Coca-Cola started advertising on television.

In 1934, Johnny Weissmuller, an Olympic champion swimmer and the actor who played Tarzan, and Maureen O’Sullivan, a famous actress of those days, appeared on a metal serving tray for Coca-Cola.

If all the Coca-Cola vending machines were stacked one on top of each other, the pile would be over 740 kilometer high.