Coke Side of Bangkok

Wonderful Coke Side of Life billboard in Bangkok, created by a Thai artist. In the artwork, you can see a temple and pagoda sparkling in the sun and some Tuk Tuk cars (3-wheeled motorcycles with a covered top and place for passengers). Bangkok, the City of Angels, is also known for its extraordinary museums, shopping centers and the charming street stalls where you can find some cool & crazy stuff.
No wonder the cute little character in the illustration is saying: “Whenever I come to Bangkok, I fall in love with this city”. Bangkok, the Happy City in the Land of Smiles.

Photography & explanation by hiOakie (Thanit Chiraskamin)

“Bangkok on the Coke Side of Life” can. Photography by Peter Christ.

Huge blow-up version of the Coca-Cola bottle, on a Bangkok roof.

Photography by hiOakie

Photography by Ian Fuller
Coca-Cola poster in the streets of Bangkok.

Coke Side of Life poster

Detail of a Thai Coca-Cola can.
Bangkok, the Happy City in the Land of Smiles.

Coca-Cola Side of Berlin

Photography by Captain Kidd

Since East & West Berlin were reunited in the late eighties, the streets are once again abuzz with a creative energy and style that is uniquely Berlin. Two decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, this once-divided city of 3.5 million people has successfully reinvented itself as a single entity that embraces its turbulent history.

The vivid art scene and exciting nightlife makes the city especially appealing to young people from all over the world. They set new trends and, with their individualized lifestyles, are a part of the creative atmosphere Berlin generates.

Here you can see parts of a Coca-Cola ad as shown on a vending machine at Potsdamer Platz. The image combines the Coke bottle with some landmarks of the city: the television tower on Alexanderplatz and the Brandenburg Gate.

Photography by Lihayward

A lot of cities have huge Coca-Cola signs, but this cut-out billboard is extra stylish because the eighties logo is so cool. Love it!

Photography by Ethel Kidd

The bear is the symbol of Berlin. If you walk around in the city, you can see hundreds of Berlin Art Bears, decorated by local and international artists. This red & white Coca-Cola bear is tagged with words as ‘contemporary’, ‘delicious’, ‘connection’, ‘real’, ‘uplifting’ and ‘original’ to describe Coke’s brand values.

Photography by Emilette

After decades of playing the poor stepsister to the more dazzling West Berlin, it’s the old East Berlin that’s now the edgiest, hippest side of town with all the new galleries, cafes, lounges, shops and restaurants. East’s Mitte district is my favorite part of town, and I can spend hours strolling & shopping around in the cd or book stores, or just have a drink with some nice locals.

Photography by Marcel Korstian

Photography by Drt Schulz

The Coke Side of Berlin. It’s really a bustling city that deserves to be discovered. Watch how East and West mix, mingle and collide. Walk through the Brandenburg Gate, see where the Berlin Wall used to be and check out Checkpoint Charlie. Enjoy Berlin!

My Coke Side of Life

hiOakie’s Coke Side of Life

Coke Side of Life by Funkyah