Images of Joy & Taste

In 1906, the ‘Coca-Cola’ company hired William D’Arcy, who set the tone of Coke’s advertising for the coming decades. He held the view that “‘Coca-Cola’ advertising should create scenes that drew people in and made them part of the pleasant interludes of everyday life”. D’Arcy showed pleasant people drinking ‘Coca-Cola’ while doing sociable activities such as shopping and playing games.

In the 1920s, ‘Coca-Cola’’s advertising began to reflect the prosperity of the times. Advertisements depicted the rising middle class participating in activities once reserved for the elite in society. An advertising poster shows a couple of friends, chillin’ outside at a party. An other cardboard shows a young girl being pulled on a board behind a boat. The advertisements created images that people aspired to emulate. And with the growing prosperity, such a dream was within everyone’s reach.

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